Volunteering at Trellis Center

The Trellis Center is a non-profit, agriculture-based learning center for adults with developmental disabilities. At the Trellis Center, we assist our participants at their jobs as small-farmers. We also work with our participants to engage in life-long learning, whether it is on the job, learning a new recreational skill or out in the community.

The Trellis Center is proud of its relationship with the Ellensburg community, and specifically the relationship that we have built with several departments at Central Washington University. We are extremely proud and grateful for the contributions that our volunteers have made and how they have helped make our program what it is today.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact:

Heather Odenthal

Recreational Coordinator

(509) 968-4040

or by email at:
heather@thetrelliscenter.com or contact@thetrelliscenter.com

Volunteers have helped:

  • Work with and assist participants in their daily vocational and recreational tasks.
  • Write lessons plans to teach participants new skills or activities (e.g. playing a new instrument, playing a sport, arts and crafts projects)
  • Collaborated with staff in ways to better provide behavioral support to participants
  • Collaborated with staff in conducting environmental risk assessments.
  • Helped plan field trips and weekly community outings.
  • Planned and assisted participants in preparing food for our weekly cooking activity.
  • Created safety material in order to promote a safe workplace for staff and participants.
  • Conducted behavior interventions which focused on reducing problem behavior and promoting appropriate behaviors.
  • Helped participants make their weekly restaurant, CSA deliveries or sell produce at the local Farmer’s Market.

“Generosity is not in giving what you have…but in giving who you are” - Johnnetta B. Cole