Our Staff

Devin Earlywine, Program Manager

As Program Manager, Devin is responsible for the overall on-site management of the program, while also providing direct support for our participants. Devin Earlywine has spent his 11-year career in the Human Services field primarily in the DD Residential setting. Devin has also spent some time in vocational settings and day camps, though his specialty is working with individuals who exhibit highly dangerous or aggressive behavior and developing programming to help these individuals become successful.

Devin has worked closely with individuals diagnosed with Autism and ASD, Downs Syndrome, Schizophrenia, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injury, and all levels of Intellectual Disability. He has also worked closely with individuals with behavioral and personality disorders such as Reactive-Attachment, Oppositional-Defiant, and Borderline Personality Disorder. Devin grew up in Memphis, Tennessee and Valparaiso, Indiana before moving to Owatonna, Minnesota in high school.

Devin attended Minnesota State University, Mankato and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy. He began to work in group homes in college and discovered that this was his passion. Beginning with about 4 years of direct care, Devin moved on to supervise and develop programming for a few high behavior groups homes over the years before overseeing four group homes as a Director. The last year and a half of his career has been spent as a Case Manager for Hennepin County (the Minneapolis area), thus fulfilling a career goal.

Devin is very excited to be in Washington at Trellis and to be part of such an amazing organization! In his free time Devin enjoys hiking, camping, cooking, writing and recording music, and traveling.

Zachary Johnson, Farm Coordinator

As Farm Coordinator of the Trellis Center, Zach provides technical assistance to our participants. Zach grew up in Iowa and got bachelor degrees in Philosophy and History, before attending graduate school at the University of Idaho, where he earned master’s degrees in Environmental Philosophy and Natural Resource Management.

It was in Idaho where Zach started farming vegetables, and he managed the student-run organic vegetable farm for two years, as well as owning and operating his own small business. He spent another two years as a farm educator at a farm at the end of Long Island, NY before the Pacific Northwest called again, and he relocated to Ellensburg to work at Trellis.

Zach is passionate about growing things and helping others. In his free time, he enjoys a wide variety of outdoor activities, cooking, and games of all sorts.

Renae Cairns, Farm Educator

As Farm Educator, Renae is responsible for all aspects of the educational programming as well as providing technical assistance and direct support to our participants. Renae grew up in upstate New York and received her bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Davidson College in North Carolina. Throughout college, Renae’s interest in and passion for community-based, sustainable agriculture grew and she spent over two years managing the growing operations and volunteer programming for a non-profit urban farm outside of Charlotte, NC.

Following her time in North Carolina, Renae has since spent her time working for various vegetable production farms and innovative food businesses working to create positive change within the food system. Renae’s younger sister, Laura, is an incredible young woman with Downs Syndrome and Renae’s role as Farm Educator here at Trellis converges her passion for creating a broader range of quality post-secondary opportunities available for people with developmental disabilities with her interest in and experience with community-based, sustainable agriculture.

In her free time, Renae enjoys cooking, hiking, playing soccer and exploring with friends and family.

Victor Pamatz, Vocational Assistant

As Vocational Assistant, Victor is responsible for assisting with all aspects of the vocational program, while also providing direct support for our participants. Victor grew up in Michoacán, Mexico before moving to Washington in 2001. After graduating from Brewster High School, Victor continued his education at Wenatchee Valley College where he got Associates in Arts and Science at Wenatchee Valley College.

After completing his Associates, Victor transferred to Central Washington University, and obtained his Bachelor’s in Psychology, Sociology, as well as a minor in Spanish. Victor came to Trellis via an internship and an interest in working with and helping others. While doing his internship at Trellis, Victor discovered a passion for working with those with developmental disabilities and helping them develop social and work-related skills needed for maintaining employment.

Heather Odenthal, Recreational Coordinator

As Recreational Coordinator, Heather is responsible for all aspects of the recreational program, while also providing direct support to our participants. Heather grew up in Montgomery, Minnesota on a hobby farm and developed a love for the farm environment and nature. After high school, she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Therapeutic Recreation from Minnesota State University, Mankato in December of 2010 after completing an internship at Mayo Clinic working to rehabilitate those with spinal cord injuries.

Heather’s cousin Kody is an amazing individual with Autism and inspired her passion for working with people of all ability levels. Over the course of her career she has worked in two summer camps, one in northern Minnesota and one in Colorado, as well as two group homes in Minnesota for people with developmental disabilities and one senior living center where she organized and maintained an expansive Recreation program for her hundreds of tenants.

She is also working in her second vocational setting with individuals with disabilities here at Trellis! In her free time, Heather enjoys hiking, cooking, biking, camping, and traveling. Heather is happy to join the Trellis team and is excited to work hard to keep the Recreation Program fantastic!

Anabel Gonzalez, Recreational Assistant

As Recreational Assistant, Anabel is responsible for assisting with all aspects of the recreational program, while also providing direct support for our participants. Anabel grew up in Wapato, WA and got her bachelor degree in Social Services at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA.

While finishing up her last year at Central, Anabel came to Trellis thru an internship with an interest in expanding her knowledge on working with adults with disabilities. Anabel’s oldest brother has a disability, so she grew up watching him learn new skills and overcoming different obstacles independently and with some assistance. While doing her internship, Anabel found that she enjoyed and found purpose working with the participants in reaching a level of independence.

After graduating, Anabel continued to volunteer on her days off which led to her working at the Trellis Center. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, playing golf, and playing a variety of board games.