“Generosity is not in giving what you have… but in giving who you are”

– Johnnetta B. Cole

Internships at the Trellis Center

Through a relationship with Central Washington University, the Trellis Center supports internships through various college programs such as Psychology, Accessibility Studies, Public Health, Special Education, Communication Studies, and many others. Interns at the Trellis Center work with staff to develop a unique program for each internship that allows students to earn college credit and achieve their academic and life goals while enriching the experience of the participants.

Volunteering at the Trellis Center

The Trellis Center welcomes volunteers of all kinds. Volunteering works around your schedule, your interests, and your level of commitment. The participants’ abilities are expanded by encountering any and all activities, supports, and stories. In the past, volunteers have assisted at the Trellis Center with contributions such as the following:

  • Worked with and assisted participants in their daily vocational and recreational tasks
  • Lead groups to teach participants new skills or activities (e.g. playing a new instrument, playing a sport, building birdhouses)
  • Helped plan weekly community outings or bring new ideas / opportunities / connections to the table
  • Helped participants deliver their weekly CSA boxes or sell produce at the local Farmer’s Market
  • Participated in “Around the World” as part of the Recreational Program and shared their experiences and souvenirs from their travels all over the globe
  • Taught the participants how to create and operate personal YouTube playlists to utilize as a break-time or de-escalation activity
  • Lead a recurring exercise class (weekly Zumba, yoga, etc.)
  • Created and lead a spring-time outdoor scavenger hunt that incorporated movement and exercise, spatial awareness, observation, teamwork and communication skills, and learning about the discovered items

If you are interested in an internship for college credit or in volunteering please contact our Program Director, Heather Odenthal, at heather@thetrelliscenter.com

Employment at the Trellis Center

If you are interested in being part of a fun, active, tight-knit and dynamic team, please contact our Program Director, Heather Odenthal, at heather@thetrelliscenter.com. We accept inquiries and applications from all over the country. Our staff’s backgrounds are all unique and diverse. Information can be provided upon request regarding employment availability, employment details, and where to submit your application and resume.