The month of March means the beginning of Spring and a time for growth. This was very representative of the mood around Trellis this month, as we not only welcomed the beginning of a new season, but also welcomed new participants to join us on a long-term basis. The arrival of new participants to the program allows Trellis to provide a supportive and therapeutic environment for all of our participants and continue to support adults on the Autism spectrum as they pursue self-employment. Part of that support this month has been to prepare our garden beds and pepper patch for the growing season ahead. This has included adding fresh compost to our garden beds, purchasing seeds, and starting those seeds in the green houses. Despite it still being March, everyone is excited to see the seeds begin to sprout, knowing that in a few months we will be selling the vegetables these plants produce to our community members at the Farmer’s Market. The month of March also welcomed three piglets to the Sunridge Ranch, which we love taking care of and watching grow during the Spring and Summer.

          The month of March was also very rewarding in terms of our recreational activities as the beginning of Spring meant we could spend more time outside. This lead to several hikes throughout the area, allowing participants to explore and gain an appreciation of the different sights and landscapes here in Central Washington. We also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day this month. Celebrations included a writing and art project in which we asked participants to describe what they felt they were lucky to have in their lives, as well as a scavenger hunt in which the staff hid clues throughout the property and ended with each of the participants finding a gift from the Trellis staff to them. This month we also went to a Central Washington University men’s baseball game and cheered on the wildcats as they beat Whitman College. We also celebrated Tyler’s birthday this month as he turned 29. We are so thankful to have Tyler be a part of our program and were happy to celebrate with him before he went home to visit his family.

          We would like to thank everyone for their continued support of the Trellis Center, and all of its participants. If you have any questions about the program or would like to volunteer at Trellis, please contact us at (509)-968-4040.