February was a very exciting month for all of us at Trellis as we continued to work and learn throughout our day. This month we welcomed back Ben who made his final move from Portland, Oregon to join us in Ellensburg. This month we continued to work hard in our greenhouses, taking care of the fresh herbs and vegetables that we are growing. Some nicer Winter weather also meant we got to spend more time outside beginning to care for our garden beds, cleaning them out of winter debris and preparing them for planting later in the Spring and Summer. We are proud of our participants’ ability to be actively engaged in the entire life cycle of the herbs and vegetables that we grow at Trellis. From seeding the plants, to nurturing them until they are ready to be harvested and sold to local restaurants, each of our participants is getting to be fully engaged in growing nourishing and healthy food that will be used by restaurants to feed their fellow community members.

In terms of our recreational activities, we were engaged in several different projects throughout the month. We continue to build and work on continuing the education of all our participants at Trellis, encouraging continued growth in math, reading, writing, and in exploring different creative outlets like music, drawing, painting, and other art projects. Our community service project this month was a trip to the Habitat for Humanity store in Ellensburg, helping them organize different merchandise around the store and packaging other items to be shipped to different locations. One recreational activity we did this month was two field trips to Gallery One, where participants first sculpted their own masks, and then decorated them. We are expecting to pick up the masks in the middle of March and will be sure to show off the finished projects on our Facebook page. Another activity for us was celebrating the birthdays of two our participants, as Jake turned 30 and Ben turned 22 in February. We did a shared birthday party going out to lunch in Yakima, and then going to see the movie Paddington in theaters. It was a fun and relaxing day for everyone at Trellis, and we were grateful to be able to join Ben and Jake for their birthday celebrations.

All of us continue to grow and learn at Trellis, and we are excited for the upcoming Spring months as we begin planting and growing outside of the greenhouses. If you have any questions about the program or would like to volunteer at Trellis, please contact us at (509)-968-4040.