The fall of 2017 has been a busy time and has brought plenty of changes for the Trellis Center! Our 2017 CSA season has come to an end and we are “putting the farm to sleep” for the upcoming winter. We would like to thank all of our CSA customers and Trellis Center supporters for another successful CSA season. We hope that you thoroughly enjoyed the produce you received in your boxes! This last week we finished harvesting the last of our broccoli and planted some garlic in the outdoor beds. Moving forward the Vocational Program at Trellis will be shifting its focus toward maintenance, cleaning, and skill building along with our winter greenhouse activities and prep-work for next season.

This year Trellis has taken on new staff and restructured in addition to expanding its programs! In September, Trellis took on Devin Earlywine and Heather Odenthal from Minnesota to join the team. Devin and Heather both have extensive experience with autism and developmental disabilities as well as with farm work both at home and abroad. They have taken on the roles of Vocational/Transitional Coordinator and Recreational Coordinator, respectively. They are assisted by Victor Pamatz and Anabel Gonzalez, with support from Steven Noles. Check out the “Our Staff” section of the Trellis website to learn more about the crew!

While the Vocational Program is building upon its success and making big plans for the future, the High School Transitional Program has grown drastically this year as well! There are currently 11 participants from the Kittitas and Ellensburg High Schools who attend Trellis in the mornings Tuesday through Friday. The program focuses on life skills, career development, and the technical skills involved with farming. The participants just wrapped up their first project of growing cilantro microgreens! They are currently working on simultaneously growing soil and hydroponic lettuces to compare the differences in process and growth.  Over the winter the participants will be working on plotting out individual garden beds and learning how to plan a farm crop before seeding and caring for their own bed in the spring time. We are also working on how to communicate professionally over the phone and through email, as well as other skills such as how to manage a timecard and seek employment. Once a month we have a guest speaker come in and discuss their profession and allow the students to learn about different career paths and ask questions of individuals who are in those careers. We would like to thank our Farm Manager Zach for kicking off this series, as well as Paula Lofgren for giving an excellent presentation on what it is like to be a public defender for 30 years. If you or anyone you know is interested in speaking about your profession as a part of this program, feel free to contact Devin at!

In the Recreational Program this fall Trellis has been working on life skills such as grocery shopping and cooking, finances, social skills, internet literacy, health and biology, music and movement, and many others. Trellis has visited the Pacific Science Center and gathered lots of new resources for our programs to expand in the areas of science, math, and life skills! Just a few weeks ago we toured the Wild Horse Wind and Solar Facility & Renewable Energy Center, and over the last couple months we have been to Get Air Yakima trampoline park, Majestic Theater, Ellensburg Library, lunch at Los Cabos Restaurant, Easton State Park picnic and hike, Rotary Park, Bill’s Berry Farm pumpkin patch, pumpkin bowling, and corn maze. Trellis also volunteered at First United Methodist Church working at the clothing center sorting and hanging donations. If anyone is interested in volunteering at the Trellis Center, or if you have good ideas of where Trellis can volunteer to make a difference and give back to our community, please contact Heather at

(Left to Right)

Scott, Recreational Assistant Anabel Gonzalez, Steve, Brock, Vocational and Transitional Program Assistant Victor Pamatz, Ben, Nathan, Program Assistant Steven Noles, Jake, Vocational and Transitional Program Coordinator Devin Earlywine, Tyler, Recreational Program Coordinator Heather Odenthal, Dalton