Our vocational services provide job support and training through sustainable farming for adults with disabilities. Our services are tailored to meet the participants’ individual needs, interests, and abilities.

The Trellis Center Adult Vocational Program consists of on-site job support for Terravine Growers and job training and skill building for adults with disabilities in an agricultural setting.

With a consistent ratio of 1 staff to every 2 participants, the adults in the program are experiencing hands-on, focused support and training to increase their independence in various job tasks. Working side by side with peers both typical and developmentally disabled, the participants are immersed in an inclusive and cooperative environment where both the participants and the staff work together to complete job tasks and achieve program and personal goals.

Vocational work tasks and training opportunities are varied, and participants will learn the complete process of seeding, growing, transplanting, maintaining, and harvesting various fruits and vegetables in the field, raised garden beds, climate-controlled greenhouses, apple trees, and hydroponic facilities. They will develop the skills to create and market non-vegetable agricultural products over the winter, as well as build additional soft and technical skills to increase proficiency in subsequent farm seasons or in future jobs.

The Adult Vocational Program also supports economic independence through entrepreneurship. Our mission is to increase employment opportunities for all adults with developmental disabilities by focusing on the innovation and flexibility unique to small businesses and entrepreneurs. We believe that self-employment offers adults with disabilities increased opportunities to maximize their strengths and skills, to achieve their financial and career goals, and to customize their employment to accommodate their needs. By capitalizing on their strengths, those with disabilities can successfully own and operate their own startup businesses. Using their peers in Terravine Growers as a guide, participants learn and practice the necessary skills to operate a small business as independently as possible.

The Adult Vocational Program is accessible through private pay or Respite in the Community funds. If you or someone you know is interested in attending or have any questions regarding our vocational services, please contact our Program Director, Heather Odenthal, at heather@thetrelliscenter.com