Mission Statement

The Trellis Center’s mission is to help our participants improve their social, self-management, problem solving and communication skills through peer engagement and positive behavior supports, while participating in a variety of vocational, recreational and community activities. We strive to create opportunities where adults with developmental disabilities are understood, valued and given opportunities to grow individually as well as contribute to their community.

Vocational Services

Our vocational services provide job training and supports in organic farming for adults with disabilities. Our services are tailored to meet the participants individual needs, interests and abilities.

The Trellis Center also supports economic independence through entrepreneurship. Our mission is to increase employment opportunities for all adults with developmental disabilities by focusing on the innovation and flexibility unique to small businesses and entrepreneurs. We believe that self-employment offer adults with disabilities, increased opportunities to maximize their strengths and skills, to achieve their financial and career goals, and to customize their employment to accommodate their needs. By capitalizing on their strengths, those with disabilities can successfully own and operate their own startup firms.

High School Transitional Program

Our transitional services provide students an early work experience while on-site at Terravine Growers, a local community business. Students participate in activities designed around organic farming, workplace safety, technology and other employability skills which are important to their overall development in preparation for life after high school.

If you have any questions regarding our vocational services please contact Devin Earlywine, Vocational Coordinator at

Recreational Services

Our recreational services provide a varied program of activities which emphasize empowerment and interdependence focusing on skill development/retention, social skills, community engagement and recreational activities. Our activities provide individuals with opportunities to develop personal relationships with others in their local communities and to learn, practice, and apply life skills that promote greater independence and community inclusion.

Daily Living - We provide the fundamentals of living a balanced life. We practice, communication and social skills, such as self-advocacy, social etiquette, and impulse control – health and wellness independency, such as personal hygiene, food preparation, and personal safety along with household management skills, such as basic housekeeping, shopping, and laundry. This program also enables our participants to develop interests and participate in leisure activities they enjoy.

Functional Academics - We provide focused and detailed skill practice in areas such as reading, writing, math, science and other skill building activities. This helps our participants establish self confidence, develop social skills used to make community connections, and to apply their problem solving skills.

Recreation - We provide movement, fun and a sense of accomplishment. Our participants have the opportunity to engage in a variety of recreational activities such as arts and crafts, music, wood working, winter and summer sports, yoga classes and hiking.

Community - We provide opportunities for community building and engagement through Community Service, such as volunteering at local businesses, or attending art classes at Gallery One, Yakima Trampoline Park, Ellensburg Racquet and Recreational Center,trips to Seattle, libraries, parks, museums and other local community activities and events.

All of these activities helps our participants grow social skills used to make community connections, encourages engagement with the community, and increases the mental and physical well-being of our participants.

If you have any questions regarding our recreational services please contact Heather Odenthal, Recreational Coordinator at

Working Together

The Trellis Center is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization that fosters a sense of purpose and belonging in adults with developmental disabilities. Services include agricultural-based vocational skill building, community outreach and education, recreational programs and other socially stimulating activities with the level of ability and interests of the participant in mind.

If you share our passion to help those in need and would prefer to donate your time please contact Heather Odenthal, Recreational Coordinator at (509) 968-4040 or

If you have programming questions please contact Sandy Spezialy, Executive Director at


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